Lead Free Buffalo

The Lead Free Buffalo project aims to help Buffalo residents determine if they are at risk for exposure from lead pipes in their home.

Lead is a naturally occurring toxic metal. Lead was used to make pipes, gasoline, and paint before its harmful effects were known. Many homes built during that time have lead pipes that can expose residents to harmful amounts of lead. Young children are most at risk, and may suffer permanent brain damage.

The signs of lead exposure in children include changes in behavior, reduced attention span, and learning difficulties. In adults, lead exposure can lead to anemia, hypertension (high blood pressure), problems with kidney function, and problems with the immune and reproductive systems.

More lead exposure resources are available below:

There are a number of resources available to homeowners with elevated risk of exposure to lead:

Determine your risk

Lead Free Buffalo has created a tool to help you determine if you are at risk for lead exposure from lead pipes in your home.

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Mapping the problem

We have created several maps of Buffalo to describe and better understand the risk around the city and determine priority areas for sampling.

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Learn more

What effect will lead exposure have on my health? What effect can it have on my children's health? What can I do if I believe I am at risk?

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